At the Moll Vell Marina, we offer three fine-dining restaurants in diverse styles which also feature lounges to enjoy a cocktail while listening to excellent music or simply enjoying the view of the Palma Bay and city centre.


Chiliss Nº3

Mar de Nudos







At Chiliss Nº3, you can experience the best and most flavourful pan-American food in an impressive setting.
Chiliss Nº 3, located close to the sea, presents a wide variety of fish and seafood.
A local, innovative restaurant, it offers a pleasant setting that gives the diner the feeling of being transported to paradise.

Mar de Nudos, on the other hand, displays a chic design, both inside the space and on the terrace, with modern and comfortable furnishings, wood floors, subtle lighting and the occasional pop of colour. And, without a doubt, one of its best characteristics is the view: while dining you will look out over luxury yachts anchored at the dock only a few metres away.